William-Kim-MD---My-MessageI believe the practice of medicine is a marriage of the best science and critical thinking with a healthy partnership between doctor and patient. The time I have spent listening to patients and working together often has determined the very best course of action. Thinking and careful listening are the essentials for good medicine…a practice that cannot be rushed.

I realize that time, while not the most sophisticated diagnostic tool, is one of the most important resources I have in caring for you. In the current state of medical care, doctors are forced to see more patients in less time, and as a result are at risk of losing that vital physician-patient connection. Although I never tried to show it, often inside I had felt like I was rushing. I needed more time with you…time for the unexpected, time for the unanticipated, time when you need it and also time when both of us want it.

Therefore I made the decision to change my medical practice to a more personalized approach. When I structured my new practice I looked at the kind of personal care and attention I provided to my extended family. They can easily reach me day or night and I respond quickly to their every medical need. I feel strongly that each of you deserves this kind of attention from me. I want to be involved with all aspects in the continuity of your care…not just notified when something has happened to you.

In my personalized care practice you have my ongoing commitment to the delivery of seamless, superb healthcare. I look forward to remaining your personal doctor for many years to come.

William E. Kim, MD